Hi, I’m Phil and I am a creator.

I am a passionate software developer. This is my personal website where I post my blog articles and also reference my projects.

I co-founded these companies (so far):


  • Three simple ways to support Open Source Software

    Free Open Source Software (FOSS) enables us to grow together, and you can also help - so allow me to tell you how!

  • Installing Xcode with "not enough disk space available"

    Phrases like “Xcode Beta 1X.Y.Z is out now” or “Did you try the new features of the latest Xcode update yet?” fill an iOS/macOS developer with joy. A new IDE update can be something similar to, e.g. a new knife for a chef, or a kid receiving the toy it always wanted.

  • Upgrading Swift HTTP APIs to the Next Level using Postie

    Defining HTTP APIs in Swift is still not perfect (yet?). Most iOS and macOS apps are using them to communicate with remote data endpoints. And it used to be a hassle with writing and validating requests, sending them, parsing responses, depending on different edge cases etc… and you might think that nowadays, many frameworks exist to solve this complexity…

  • Why You Should Strongly-Type Your Localizations with Swiftgen

    To start off this story, you will see a very basic code example which includes a few issues. Together we will improve the code snippet and eventually create a sophisticated solution.

  • 3 ways of styling SwiftUI views

    Styling a view is the most important part of building beautiful user interfaces. When it comes to the actual code syntax, we want reusable, customizable and clean solutions in our code.

  • Building SwiftUI apps in Markdown

    When your iOS app uses Markdown documents, why can’t we just transform them into natives view? What if instead of writing Swift UI code, we build a custom viewer app, which can even be run from Xcode Live Preview Canvas?

  • Creating your own Markdown Parser from Scratch in Swift

    You know Markdown, right? That text format which uses funky characters like ** or > to create well formatted documents? Awesome! Many platforms use it on a daily basis, so you will eventually use it too.

  • 5 Swift Extensions to write Smarter Code

    A good developer should write great code with high maintainability and extensibility. Even better developers extend the programming language with smart functionality that makes it easier to read and write clean code.

  • Advanced cross-platform apps using local Swift packages and UIKit/AppKit

    Before the release and hype of SwiftUI we had to use plain UIKit for iOS and AppKit for the macOS interfaces… even if the core application was exactly the same. Naturally your cross-platform applications keep growing over time, and eventually you get to the point of refactoring the code into modules.

  • Modularize Xcode Projects using local Swift Packages

    Swift Package Manager… SPM… It is everywhere, many use it and it is most likely the future of working with Swift dependencies. A single file to fetch all the sweet Open Source packages. And with higher acceptance of the community, even more packages will get available without installing any more tools, such as Cocoapods or Carthage.

  • Mobile App Developer Community built with GatsbyJS & Airtable

    Vienna is a beautiful city with high living standards and a modern mindset. It’s time to not only enjoy its diversity but to actively explore the potential of becoming the next great startup city.

  • iOS Push Notifications, but without user authentication!

    Push Notifications allow developers to send small messages directly to a user’s device, without actively polling for changes inside the app. Now when it comes to external notifications, sometimes it might not even be possible to contact an iOS device, as they are not reachable from the internet.

  • Using App Clips in iOS Games

    With the release of iOS 14, App Clips were introduced, to give users instant access to your mobile iOS app functionality.

  • Building an iOS game in 2 months

    Hi there, in this post I would like to give you some insight into how my business partner Julian (UX/UI Designer) and I (iOS/macOS Software Developer) created our new puzzle game “TipTapColor 2” in the last two months, starting with an idea, up to the finished game. This hasn‘t been our first iOS mobile app, but it is our first puzzle game.

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